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What is Tai Chi

As people from all walks of life are discovering, Tai Chi is a highly enjoyable way to stay relaxed and healthy. Tai Chi gives you inner peace, joy and vitality. Tai Chi looks like a slow graceful dance, but behind the deceptively simple movements is a wealth of philosophy, medicine and science. Originally developed as a martial art, Tai Chi is based on fluid movement and on a gentle yielding motion that relaxes and stimulates every part of the body.

How does Tai Chi Work

The continuous flowing movements of Tai chi are based on the principle that running water never stagnates. The gentle movements relax your muscles and joints while strengthening your body from the inside. Through movement and meditation, Tai chi brings you robust physical health and peace of mind.

Does Tai Chi Reduce Stress

Tai Chi uses calming, structured movement to counteract the stress of living in today’s fast and pressured society. Our minds are constantly stimulated and strained by work, relationships, money and hundreds of other distractions. Even in your sleep your mind remains active. An overstressed mind makes mistakes and interferes with healthy function of the body. By entering the state of tranquility that Tai Chi gives, your mind and body will rest thoroughly.

What Can Tai Chi Do For Me

With regular practice, Tai Chi will give you:

Improved posture More strength and flexibility Heightened general awareness More energy More stamina Better circulation Calmness Clearer thinking Deeper breathing Better concentration Inner peace and joy Self-defence techniques Kung-fu

What is Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style is the most widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world. Many of the offshoots such as Beijing 24 and modified Yang Style are recent manifestations based on the traditional form. Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872), also known as Yang the Invincible, was founder of the Yang Style. His art has been handed down for the past 160 years. Yang Cheng Fu (1883- 1936, third generation of the Yang family), one of China’s great martial artists, standardized the 85 movement form. In the 1920’s he was captured in photos performing each of the 85 postures. It is this form which is known as the authentic Yang style. Yang Cheng Fu’s nephew, Grand Master Fu Zhong Wen, inherited leadership of Yang Style, representing the fourth generation. He was still strong, healthy and practicing Tai Chi right up to his death at the age of 91. Yang Cheng Fu’s grandnephew, Fu Sheng Yuan is the fifth generation to receive the entire transmission of the family art. He was the world’s foremost authority on Yang Style Tai Chi, and had many followers throughout the world. Grand Master Fu’s son, Master Fu Qin Quan (James) is following in his ancestors’ footsteps. He is the sixth generation to inherit the full transmission of authentic Yang Family Tai Chi. Master James Fu was the National Chinese champion for Tai Chi weapons in 1988 and for Tai Chi form in 1989. He has now been awarded a 7th Dan grade by the Chinese Wushu Association. Under the auspices of Grand Master Fu Sheng Yuan, the Federation’s instructors are dedicated to passing the authentic Yang Style Tai Chi to the people of Perth.

How Can I Learn Tai Chi

The World Yong Nian Tai Chi Federation run's introductory courses at many convenient locations. You can learn Tai Chi as part of a group at the same level as yourself. The federation has no religious connections. Its accomplished instructors have successfully trained thousands of people of all ages and occupations to enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.

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